The 42 Day Plan Guaranteed To Help You Lose 20 Pounds or 10 Inches.

Let's Guarantee That You Accomplish Your New Years Health Resolutions...TOGETHER!


( Let the games begin December 3rd )

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After successfully helping +90,000 people lose at least +17 pounds in their first 42 days on the ChiroThin program, we can confidently guarantee you those same results.

Let Me Reveal My Step-by-Step Secrets In My 'How To Lose +17 Pounds' Webinar So You Can Complete Your New Years Health Resolution Goals in Just 42 Days! 

If you want a plan that never burns out, consistently helps you lose weight, and makes this process predictable, you DO NOT want to miss this one-of-a-kind challenge.

What if you had ONE weight loss plan to follow that could simultaneously:

  • Turn on fat burning hormones
  • ​Make this process as simple and as healthy as possible
  • ​​AND be the covert reason for everyone telling you how amazing you look which is going to drive your self confidence through the roof and give you the ability to take on the world again!

Well, after many years in this business and millions of dollars spent.. ChiroThin has actually found a way to repeatedly help people lose at least 17 pounds over and over!

And the best part is that this is GUARANTEED or you get to re-do the whole program again for free!

My Team Is Putting Together This New Years Health Resolution Challenge For People Like You To Accomplish Their Goals

While still running a top notch wellness center in Minnetonka, MN - I am creating weight loss programs for any one in the United States. The weight loss is guaranteed because of the fact that it is Doctor Led, meaning each plan includes the option to schedule one on one consults with me, Dr. Morgan, to get your personal health questions addressed. The online community that I provide is also there for you to see other peoples' results and to stay motivated.

I've seen it time and time again... it works!

Our accountability group alone will make it impossible for you to fail..

All from ONE good plan that can be sustained for life.

Not just any plan.

I'm talking about a different type of plan.

A plan that LEVERAGES the human body functions.

In fact, it was only though experimenting with these different approaches and combining them in different ways that we were able to find a way that works to REPEATEDLY get the same results.

Every time.

A Typical ChiroThin Day is The Perfect Combination Of Fasting, Carbohydrates, Protein, and our SECRET 100% Natural Formula

Now we've put this perfect combo into a step-by-step process that anyone can follow. 

Which means YOU can create the perfect plan for your situation!

That's exactly what this Guaranteed 42 Day Weight Loss is all about.

Showing you that RAPID weight loss is possible right now.

2018 Effectiveness Study

I truly believe that every single woman or man has the ability to see the weight loss goals that they want to see within the first 42 days on the program.

A program that CHANGES the game..

...and takes YOUR whole life to the next level.

Look, here's the truth - 

If you aren't getting GREAT results right now...'s probably because you don't have the tools, resources, and support that you need.

And unfortunately there is a lot of mis-information out there from gurus who are better at selling their own courses than actually getting results for clients!

That's not how we do things.

In fact, we are often so busy helping our clients get results that we don't have time to share everything that's going on behind the scenes.

But this is TOO GOOD to hold back!

If You Are Ready To Lose Weight The Right Way - I'd LOVE For You To Join Us In This Webinar

You can do this from anywhere in the United States!

...and I promise that the IMPACT on your Life, and the people you Serve will be bigger and better than you ever thought possible.

THAT is what this is all about - helping you step into the best version of yourself.

If you're up for the challenge, I'm committed to giving you exactly what you need to lose weight this time.

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You'll get INSTANT access to everything you need to get ready.

The games begin on Dec 3rd, 2020.

Are you in?

While Your Results May Vary These Are Predictable & Typical Results That You Will Experience
Over +90,000 people can attest to the fact the ChiroThin is "guaranteed" to help you lose your next 20 pounds in 42 days

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How To Use The Best Method To Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

Replicate the same plan to turn your fat burning hormones on 24/7 without constantly eating too much or not enough food, working out, or taking any medications.

This is a revolutionary program designed to help you achieve MAXIMUM results in the shortest amount of time using our proprietary steps to weight loss.  This program includes no workouts, drugs, shakes, bars, or pre-packaged foods, or medications. Only natural solutions.
The products included in the program can only be purchased from an authorized ChiroThin Weight Loss Doctor - like Dr. Morgan at Back To Balance Healing Center. You can expect phone or in office checkups to see your progress with personalized recommendations to improve your results!
How Does The Program Work?
This program combines a very low calorie diet in combination with a two tier food cycling plan. This includes adding our natural ChiroThin formula.
What Can I Expect?
As a ChiroThin Weight Loss Patient you will experience rapid, healthy weight loss without hunger or cravings. By using our comprehensive, doctor supervised program, in only 42 days our female clients lose between 2-3 sizes (+20 pounds); and male clients lose 25 to 40 pounds on average. 
What Is Our Secret To Weight Loss?
The ChiroThin Formula is doctor created and has been specifically blended to aid in boosting metabolism, suppressing hunger/cravings, reducing fat mass, reducing insulin resistance, increasing fullness and detoxifying your body. This is vital to your weight loss journey and will help you lose weight quickly & safely, without starvation, and supports long term weight loss! Essentially it tells your body to use your existing fat reserves for energy instead of protein (muscle) allowing you to maintain high levels of energy.
How Much Money Do I Save?
All of the foods you choose to eat within the ChiroThin Program dietary guidelines are purchased at the grocery store. There are no shakes, bars, or expensive pre-packaged foods to buy. In fact, most people realize an average savings of $200 - $400 in food cost during the first 6 weeks!
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